Witness the Grandeur of Udghosh with NOSSQ

UDGHOSH is the biggest sports festival in the country. Started in 2002, this festival has reached new heights every year. NOSSQ is an initiative in this same direction. It will be conducted in schools all over the country on a self-designed platform by Udghosh 2019, IIT Kanpur. This event is for talent search in the field of Sports and is concentrated towards 6th to 12th students. . A quiz competition on (general knowledge relating to sports) among the students from across the schools in India will be conducted. This competition is divided into three categories. Top 3 winners from each category will awarded with a prize. There will be a total of three stages in the competition.

Guest Lecture by Esteemed
Prof. H.C.Verma

The Final Winners(Top 2 teams of each category) will get the chance to interact with the esteemed Professors of IIT Kanpur. Prize Felicitation will be done by esteemed Prof. H.C. Verma.
Pro-Nites Passes will be given from Udghosh 2019. All the students will be taken through Lecture halls, AIRSTRIP, OAT, ACADEMIC AREA, etc. Gold Certificates will be given to each member of the TOP 2 Teams.