• Improve your skill set
  • Enhance your communication and managerial skills Increase your contacts
  • Interact with people coming from diverse fields across the country to develop your network
  • Enhance your image and Be associated with Asia's largest science and technology festival and lead your college to a promising future
  • Become the Leader of your College. An opportunity to represent your College at a higher level.


IIT KANPUR has been one of the leading centers of education and research since its inception, providing some of the brightest minds of the country Udghosh has always been a classic example of the fact that it's the endeavor that counts. Our efforts have always aimed to bring about a rise in competition level among the youths. empowering the masses with a torch of social awareness, keeping the grandeur of entertainment and professional shows alive. Udghosh brings to the masses a plethora of events, comprising all major sports, workshops and informal events.


  • Every CAs will be awarded a Certificate Of Organization by Udghosh, IIT KANPUR recognizing their work
  • For the fest they will get free event passes.
  • And ofCourse, a Great CV point for their carrer development.


  • Publicity: Displaying posters of Udghosh 2019 within 2-3 days of receiving them , on college bulletins and notice boards.
  • Organize Events: Organizing workshops & events in your college or city under the guidance of UDGHOSH, IIT KANPUR
  • Social Media: Publicising the events of Udghosh on various Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram by sharing the posts of Udghosh